martedì 31 gennaio 2012

iZotope aggiorna Ozone alla 5.02

iZotope ha aggiornato il suo plug-in per mastering Ozone per Windows e Mac portandolo alla versione 5.02.

iZotope’s complete mastering system in a single integrated plug-in includes eight essential mastering tools: Maximizer, Equalizer, Multiband Dynamics, Multiband Stereo Imaging, Post Equalizer, Multiband Harmonic Exciter, Reverb, and Dithering.

Ozone 5 Advanced adds 6 additional component plug-ins, extended features in every module, and an entire suite of configurable meters.

Novità in Ozone V5.02Feature enhancements:
  • Improvements to IRC3: lower distortion on low frequency material.
  • Improvements to IRC3: new “Style” control helps the limiter work with a wider variety of material.
  • Improved spectrogram functionality with better Meter Tap synchronization.
  • Improved EQ behavior when double-clicking for a new node.
Other changes and fixes:
  • Improved keyboard support
  • Fixed issues with loading EQ snapshots in multiple instances in a session.
  • Fixed crashes in Steinberg Wavelab.
  • Fixed UI issue in OS X with Steinberg Wavelab 7.2.
  • Fixed delay compensation issue for sampling rates above 48kHz.
  • Fixed issues using crossover Learn feature inside shared crossover network.
  • Improved Spectrogram behavior when hiding a spectrogram stream.

Ozone per Windows e Mac è in vendita a $249 USD (Ozone 5) / $999 USD (Ozone 5 Advanced).

Voxengo aggiorna CurveEQ alla versione 3.0

Voxengo ha rilasciato CurveEQ 3.0, aggiornamento del suo equalizer plug-in per Windows e Mac.

CurveEQ shows you the actual filter response you are designing by means of a spline (a smooth curvy line), so you can actually see what the EQ is doing with the sound. This, in turn, allows you to get the best from your mix and your tracks.

CurveEQ perfectly suits the needs of mastering, and in some cases CurveEQ is suitable for use as an in-track equalizer.

Novità in CURVEEQ 3.0
  • 3 EQ curves per channel group.
  • Spectrum display zooming.
  • Window resizing.
  • Up to 96kHz spectrum range.
  • Multi-channel support.
  • Multi-platform support.
  • Routing matrix.
  • Preset manager.
  • User interface re-scaling.
  • Channel grouping.
  • Plug-in instance naming.

CurveEQ (VST/AU) viene venduto al prezzo lancio di $79.95 USD, il 20% in meno del prezzo di listino di $99.95 USD. I possessori delle versioni precedenti di CurveEQ posso aggiornare alla 3.0 al prezzo di $39.95 USD (o gratuitamente entro 180 giorni dall'acquisto).

Prime Loops rilascia United Sates Of Dance

Prime Loops ha rilasciato United Sates Of Dance, una sample library con oltre 230  basslines, synth leads, drum loops, percussion e FX one-shots.

From the House foundations laid by Frankie Knuckles to the ground-breaking success of Lady Gaga, “United States of Dance” explores every corner of the vast Dance genre, driven by Deadmau5 inspired heavy bass deviations, counter-balanced by the euphoric elevation of LMFAO and 3OH!3 and united by an epic array of party propelling percussive combinations. Keep your eyes on the prize and conquer the charts with the ultimate accessory for your productions!

“United States of Dance“ features 6 folders of electro dance samples, in stunning 24-bit fidelity, packed into over 230MB of all-American muscle! The “Bouncin’ Basslines” folder will set your sneakers skanking with ultra-modern bass frequencies, whilst “United Synth Hooks” offers a selection of riffs that guarantee to incite a raucous reaction. Mix it up with the spicy “Striped FX & Vox” folder and set a smoking rhythm with “Star-Spangled Instrumentals”! The cherry on the top of this sonic cake is an abundance of block rocking beats, available across two separate folders of mixed and solo drum loops.

United Sates Of Dance è in vendita a £17.95 GBP.

lunedì 30 gennaio 2012

Hy2rogen rilascia Hy2rogen Progressive Tech Loops

Hy2rogen ha rilasciato Hy2rogen Progressive Tech Loops, una collezione di oltre 970MB di percussion loops, grooves e tops per i generi mainroom house, progressive e tech-house.

Hy2rogen’s latest mainroom offering is the perfect companion to add fresh pump and groove to your existing beat arsenal.

Bursting 652 with stomping percussive grooves, techy tweaker-creakers and slamming kick-free tops, each loop is painstakingly programmed to ensure easy layering and processing for custom beat creation.

Built purely for the mainroom house, tech and progressive arenas, Hy2rogen uses only the biggest, deepest and most detailed hits to create these killer percussive rhythms: snappy snares, chomping hats, stomping nu-perc hits and fat claps are the order of the day.

Progressive Tech Loops al momento è disponibile al prezzo-offerta con uno sconto del 50% rispetto al prezzo di listino di 37.80 EUR sul sito Sounds To Sample.

Martinic aggiorna Combo Model V e Combo Model F, organi gratuiti

Martinic ha aggiornato Combo Model V e Combo Model F, due organi virtuali per Windows e Mac.

Novità in combo model V V1.1.1
  • Automatically show settings window after loading plug-in.
  • Fixed foldback on high C.
  • Fixed recording duplicate notes in Mixcraft.
  • Fixed loading project/patch with bass volume of 0.0dB as -0.0dB.

Novità in combo model F V1.0.1
  • Automatically show settings window after loading plug-in.
  • Added 32 factory presets.
  • Fixed recording duplicate notes in Mixcraft.

Both plug-ins are available as freeware for Windows and Mac (VST/AU).

Sounds To Sample rilascia Phatjak: Tech-House Samples

Sounds To Sample ha rilasciato Phatjak: Tech-House Samples, una collezione di loops e samples da Angel Stoxx e Evan Kay aka Phatjak.

Sounds To Sample join forces with tech-house trailblazers Phatjak to serve up 290MB of pumping pared-back rhythms, fat basslines, deep and dirty synths, funky riffs, big-room FX and chunky hits.

Their debut sample collection sums up the Phatjak sound, packing in ultra functional and perfectly programmed beats, bass, tops, synths and FX designed to sound punchy and crystal-clear on the biggest mainroom rigs.

  • 193 looops + 141 full-fat hits to program your own beefy beats from scratch.
  • Comprising of 50 kicks, 40 clap/snares, 26 hats and 25 percussion hits, each folder has also been assigned to its own EXS-24 instrument to make beat building a breeze.
  • All loops are precision-cut at 125bpm for instant track-building ease.
  • All samples are presented as industry-standard 24- bit Wav files.

Phatjak: Tech-House Samples è in vendita a 17.90 EUR.

Guda Audio rilasciato la demo di Enterpe, virtual synth

Guda Audio ha rilasciato una versione demo di Enterpe, il suo virtual instrument per Mac.

Virtual Analog synth having two oscillators with freely adjustable analog waveforms. Each oscillator can double up to ten oscillators for a total of 20 oscillator super-saw, square, sine, triangle. Multimode filter with two resonant lowpass and one highpass. Builtin oscilloscope make sound crafting easier with direct visual feedback while tweaking parameters. Adjustable decimation following filter envelope, builtin dist, reverb and echo effects.

Euterpe è in vendita (VST/AU) a 29 EUR. 

La demo di Enterpe è funzionante al 100% ma genera un piccolo rumore ogni minuto.

venerdì 27 gennaio 2012

Zynaptiq rilascia Pitchmap, pitch mapping & correction plug in

Zynaptiq ha rilasciato Pitchmap, un plug in per il real-time polyphonic pitch-mapping e pitch-correction disponibile per Win e Mac che promette di rivoluzionare l'approccio al pitch-shifting.

PITCHMAP is a demixing-based plug-in that allows changing melodies and harmonies of any mixed musical recording in real-time, either by transforming them to new ones played on a MIDI keyboard, or by setting freely defined target scales. Based on Zynaptiq’s proprietary MAP artificial intelligence technology, PITCHMAP can be applied to a wide variety of tasks, including original music production, remix work, correction of tuning issues and creative manipulation of existing recordings. In addition, PITCHMAP provides functions to remove or extract individual sounds from a mix, and can apply advanced synthesizer-like sound transformations.

giovedì 26 gennaio 2012

Audio Damage aggiorna Rough Rider, compressore freeware

Audio Damage ha aggiornato Rough Rider, un compressore gratuito che ora include il supporto a 64-bit per Windows e Mac.

Rough Rider is a modern compressor with a bit of “vintage” style bite and a uniquely warm sound. Perfect for adding compression effects to your drum buss, it also sounds great with synth bass, clean guitar, and backing vocals.

Definitely not an all-purpose compressor, Rough Rider is at its best when used to add pump to rhythmic tracks. Of course, you can use it however you’d like. The Compressor Police aren’t gonna come to your house and give you a citation. Slap it on a track and crank some knobs.

Rough Rider per Windows e Mac (VST/AU) è disponibile gratuitamente sul sito Audio Damage.

martedì 24 gennaio 2012

Soundorder rilascia Dune Soundset

Soundorder rilascia Dune Soundset, una collezione di patches per il virtual instrument DUNE di Synapse Audio.

Another powerful soundset for Synapse Audio’s DUNE. Just check the audiodemo to get an idea of what you can expect from this superb set.

We forced this synth to show his maximum skills. There are brutal leads and basses, pads, plucks + sfx for all genres. 88 Sounds are included. These days every genre is using every sound. So no style limitation here…

DUNE Soundset isè in vendita a 39 EUR.

Waveform Recordings rilascia Sylenth1 Deep & Tech Presets

Waveform Recordings ha rilasciato Sylenth1 Deep & Tech Presets, un soundset per il virtual synth Sylenth1 di LennarDigital.

Deep, dark and dirty Sylenth1 presets custom-built for house, techno and minimal productions, featuring 200 precision-programmed lead, bass, keys, pad, FX and arpeggios, plus Midi files for melodic inspiration.

After being inundated with requests Waveform deliver their first Sylenth preset collection: a finely-tuned collection of deep and tech synthery honed to capture the vibe of the tougher peak-time dancefloors as well as the deeper after-hours arenas.

Packed with 27 Arps/Seqs, 36 Bass, 31 FX, 24 Keys, 23 Leads, 20 Pads and 39 Synths all divided into 8 separate banks for easy navigation, the collection caters to all your Sylenth needs with fat, deep and detailed sounds to rival those in professional productions.

For added creative control there’s 93 customisable Midi files sud-divided into folders of Bass, Keys, Leads, Pads and Synths – just fire up the sound of your choice and roll.

Sylenth1 Deep & Tech Presets è in vendita da Sounds To Sample a 30.95 EUR.

lunedì 23 gennaio 2012

Loopmasters rilascia Studio Essentials Tech House

Loopmasters rilascia Studio Essentials Tech House, nuovo sample pack della serie Studio Essentials by Zenhiser.

“Studio Essentials – Tech House” once again adds a whole new away of Tech House samples and loops to upgrade your studio to the latest battleground in the Tech House, Deep House, Minimal Tech war. Basing it’s roots upon the yesteryear deep subby basslines this sample pack works from the ground up to create a smorgasbord of tech house loops that fuses both the later sound and rhythm of tech house with some classic elements, making this Studio Essentials pack a brand new outlook on this iconic and relatively new genre and sub genre.

With synth lines and stabs that drift perfectly over basslines, drum beats that rattle a tech swing and fx that swoosh over what is some sonically perfect elements this is a sample pack that simply should not be missed. If you are looking to go deep, warm and electronically beautiful then this is it.

Studio Essentials Tech House è in vendita a £23.95 GBP.

Plughugger ha rilasciato Bassphere Complete, soundset per Omnisphere

Plughugger ha rilasciato Bassphere Complete, una collezione di 395 dance sounds per il synth Omnisphere della  Spectrasonics.

Bassphere 03 is a new sound expansion for the Spectrasonics Omnisphere synthesizer now available for purchase in the Plughugger web-shop, priced at 4.90 euro. Bassphere 03 is the third and final installment in our Bassphere series, again aimed for producers of modern electronic music.

Bassphere Complete is a bundle of all three Bassphere expansions, priced at 9.80 euro. Previous buyers of any one Bassphere expansion can upgrade to the full bundle for the price of 4.90 euro. Owners of two expansions will get the third expansion for free.

Bassphere Complete è in vendita a 9.80 EUR.

Rhythmic Robot rilascia Snaps ‘n’ Claps per Kontakt

Rhythmic Robot ha rilasciato Snaps ‘n’ Claps, una collezione di "finger snaps" e "hand claps" per Native Instruments Kontakt.

Rhythmic Robot Snaps ‘n’ Claps is a little miracle of simplicity. We sampled a handful (ha! handful!) of finger snaps and hand claps. In fact, we did it twice, with high- and low-pitched variants of both. (At last, Mongo’s outsized hands have come in useful for something.) The front panel is pretty self-explanatory: use the little crank to select how many snaps or claps you want, and hit C4 or D4 for snaps, E4 or F4 for claps. That’s it. Oh, there’s a tuning control to alter the pitch further if you want to.

The snaps ‘n’ claps you get are recorded dry, and are randomly varied, so there’s none of that machine-gunning to worry about; and there’s a subtle stereo spread as you add more snaps ‘n’ claps. Want more snaps ‘n’ claps? Hit two keys together for ALL the claps, or ALL the snaps. Want still more snaps ‘n’ claps? Want Wembley Arena doing the “Keep It Cool, Boy” refrain from West Side Story? Or the Slow Handclap of Death over your mate’s demo track? Just fire up multiple instances of Snaps ‘n’ Claps!

Snaps ‘n’ Claps è in vendita a £1.50 GBP.

giovedì 19 gennaio 2012

Loopmasters rilascia Wave Alchemy Sampler

Loopmasters ha rilasciato Wave Alchemy Sampler, una collezione di loops, drums e sound effects tratta da alcune librerie della Wave Alchemy.

Wave Alchemy Sampler features over 500MB of sample material hand-picked from a selection of our most recently released and highly praised sample packs.

Here you will find a varied selection of chunky house beats, twisted synth lines, analogue bass loops, stunning drum hits and a custom designed Kontakt instrument powered by an impressive array of multi-sampled synth sounds.

  • 40 finely crafted tribal house grooves, tech house tops and live percussive workouts hand-selected from Tribal & Tech House.
  • 40 chunky house beats, minimal bass grooves and twisted synth lines hand-selected from Tech House & Minimal.
  • 40 deep house sounds, loops and chord arrays hand-selected from Deep Tech & Progressive.
  • 40 unique sounding and creatively layered drum samples hand-selected from our award-winning Drum Tools 01.
  • 40 analogue and ultra-raw sounding drum samples hand-picked from Syncussion Drums.
  • Demo Version of PRO II Synthesiser for Kontakt 4 containing 370Mb of sample content.

Wave Alchemy Sampler è in vendita a £9.95 GBP.

Resonance Sound rilascia Tribal Elements 2.0

Resonance Sound annuncia il rilascio di Tribal Elements 2.0, una nuova sample library con loops e one-shot percussivi da Audio Boutique.

Club producer take cover – Tribal Elements Vol. 2 has arrived! Loaded with even more and all-new tribal-house grooves, this baby is gonna cause earthquakes you never experienced before!

Ramon Zenker and Harald Aufmuth once again did a killer job in mixing all those lovely tribal instruments like bongos, congas and many more to make the audience … dance! No matter whether you’re into commercial house or underground sounds, you can find it all in here: Truly inspiring loops are waiting to be sliced’n’diced for the next hit.

Oneshots are for those who like creating their very own rhythm from the scratch. Carefully selected add-ons like drums, percussion and Up & Down FX complement to a perfect groove. Discover the sweet spice of tribal elements vol.2 in your next house production! All loops are at 128bpm for easy integration into common electronic genres, and all are available in the most popular sampler formats.

  • 80 Tribal Loops.
  • 40 Percussion Loops.
  • 30 FX Samples.
  • 30 HiHat Samples.
  • 20 Kick Samples.
  • 32 Percussion Samples.
  • 30 Clap & Snare Samples.
  • Formats: WAV 24 Bit, AppleLoops, REX (Stylus ready), EXS24, Kontakt.

Tribal Elements 2.0 è in vendita a 25 EUR.

martedì 17 gennaio 2012

Patchbanks rilascia Xango Grooves: sample library con live percussions

Patchbanks ha rilasciato Xango Grooves, una collezione di oltre 160 loops di bongo e conga per producers di musica House, Electronica, Tribal.

Tutti i loops sono stati registrati e mixati "live", usando solo le migliori apparecchiature hardware sul mercato, per fornire un suono pulito e realistico, ricco di sfumature.

  • Quantity: 160+ Loops.
  • File Type: Wav.
  • Music Styles: House, Electronic, Tribal.
  • Range: 120-128 Bpm.

Xango Grooves è in vendita a $24.95 USD.

MrTheBigMan ha rilasciato E|Loops XL01, sample library gratuita

MrTheBigMan ha rilasciato E|Loops XL01, una collezione di loops gratuiti.

After wetting everyones appetite with the loops given away for free in E|Drums Mini Vol 2, I decided to start getting some new sounds together to use in my next set of records as well as in my next set of sample downloads.

  • Full Mix Loops – 86 loops recorded at 120bpm – 219.5mb.
  • Kick & Snare – 144 loops recorded at 120bpm – 196.6mb.
  • Hats & Toms – 137 loops recorded at 120bpm – 213.3mb.
  • Tom FX & Found Sounds – 90 loops recorded at 120bpm – 158.1mb.
  • Total – 457 loops @ 787.5mb.

E|Loops XL01 è disponibile come download gratuito da MrTheBigMan.

Equinox Sounds rilascia Sunset Progressive sample librery

Equinox Sounds rilascia Sunset Progressive, un sample pack con 5 construction kits e con 50 MIDI melodies per produzioni Deep Progressive e Deep House.

Ogni kit è fornito di tutti i componenti per formare un full mix (sia audio che MIDI) e sono stati preparati alla velocità di 128 BPM.

  • 5 Construction Kits in WAV and Apple Loops formats.
  • MIDI parts of the Construction Kits included, 50 MIDI melodies.
  • BPM range: 128 BPM.
  • 244 MB Uncompressed.
  • 100% Royalty-Free.

Sunset Progressive è in vendita a $19.95 USD.

Audio Mind Project rilascia Love Tone soundset

Audio Mind Project annuncia il rilascio di Love Tone, un soundset per il soft synth V-Station di Novation.

The included sounds will primarily find use in EDM music, though in certain contexts many of them can be well suited for other genres.

All V-Station’s capabilities are used, so the sounds are also prepared for live modulation. There is an audio demo available on the website.

  • 19 Lead sounds.
  • 12 Pad sounds.
  • 12 Bass sounds.
  • 11 Pluck sounds.
  • 10 Arp sounds.
  • 5 Keys sounds.
  • 31 Synth sounds.

Love Tone soundset è in vendita al prezzo lancio di $9 USD fino al 14 Febbraio 2012 (prezzo di listino $15 USD).

Tornano i '90: Producer Pack rilascia Back to 95 Vol 2

Producer Pack rilascia Back to 95 Vol 2, una sample library per produzioni House & Garage in stile UK & USA.

Jeremy Sylvester is no stranger to the world of dance music with a string of releases as long as his arm (which believe me is very long). This pack contains 5 construction kits in multiple formats including 24Bit WAV, REX2, APPLE LOOPS & MIDI and is compatible with most DAW. Also included in the pack are NI Maschine drum patches.

Focusing purely on early USA & UK House & Garage music production presented in stems to easily drop into your music software programs.

Back to 95 Volume 2 è in vendita a £19.95 GPB.

Loopmasters rilascia Rasmus Faber presents Live Organic House Elements

Loopmasters ha rilasciato Rasmus Faber presents Live Organic House Elements, una collezione di Organic Live House Elements da uno dei produttori più rinomati degli ultimi tempi: ‘Rasmus Faber’.

Rasmus has worked hard to create a stunning set of samples suitable for producers working in all House genres, but which should also not be overlooked by those making Techno, Downtempo and Hip Hop.

Rasmus Faber – Organic Live House Elements weighs in at 466MB and includes 270 24 Bit Loops at 120 – 129 BPM, and 240 Single Shot Samples. The pack contains 57 Ready to play Drum Kit, Bass, Synth and FX Soft Synth Patches compatible with Reason NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, SFZ and EXS samplers. There are also Apple Loops, Reason Refill and Ableton Live versions available to purchase separately.

Live Organic House Elements è in vendita a £19.95 GBP. I loops e i single shot sounds vengono anche venduti separatamente a £14.95 e £8.95.

Producer Loops rilascia Deep House Progressions Vol 5

Producer Loops ha rilasciato Deep House Progressions Vol 5, una nuova sample library by Oriol Benedet.

‘Deep House Progressions Vol 5′ includes another deep and dark set of five multi-format Construction Kits for Deep House producers which are sure to take your House productions to broader, unchartered depths. This pack comes in a choice of formats. MIDI files have also been included to provide enhanced versatilty.

Producer Oriol Benedet brings a wealth of experience to this diverse set of Construction Kits. You’ll find smooth basslines, sparse percussion, stabs and sweeping FX inspired by some of the deepest and darkest House grooves around.

Each Construction Kit is presented in tempos from 120 to 126 BPM. All files in the ACID WAV and Apple Loops’ versions are key and tempo tagged, meaning they will automatically slot into your project with ease.

Deep House Progressions Vol 5 è in vendita a £29.95 GBP.

giovedì 12 gennaio 2012

Loopmasters rilascia Essential House

Loopmasters ha rilasciato Essential House, un "best of" di loops e samples presi dai più famosi sample packs della Loopmasters.

The Essentials Series from Loopmasters are a range of sample packs which include a handpicked “Best Of” collection of loops and samples from our in-house team, which reflect excellent value and enable you to sample a good selection of 5 products which we feel include some of the very best loops available for this genre. If you really like the samples from any included pack within the product then use the included coupon code to get 20% off the full pack at any time!

Essential House includes 100 loops, and 90 one shot samples from the following packs:
Prok & Fitch – Future House
Santos – Private Tech House Collection
Deadmau5 – XFER
Swedish House
Steve Lawler – Dark Percussive House & Techno

Essential House è in vendita a £9.95 GBP.

Loopbased rilascia Electro Bass, sample library gratuita

Loopbased rilascia (stavolta in forma gratuita)  Electro Bass, un sample pack by Simplosive.

After four highly successful percussive sample packs we are entering round five with “Electro Bass”, a huge collection of fat and dirty one-shot bass tone samples.

“Electro Bass” includes 300 sub-shaking one-shot bass sounds including static basses, bass stabs, bass chords and bass sweeps. All recorded in pristine 24 bit and in key of c.

  • 300 high-quality samples, 24 bit, 44.1 kHz, stereo.
  • Recorded in the key of c.
Simplosive Electro Bass è disponibile come download gratuito dal sito Loopbased.

Voxengo rilascia AnSpec, spectrum analyzer gratuito

Voxengo rilascia AnSpec, uno spectrum analyzer gratuito per Windows e Mac.

AnSpec is an analog-style third-octave spectrum analyzer plug-in for professional music production applications. It was designed to be a handy visual feedback tool for those who like smoothness and easiness of use of analog analyzers. AnSpec also provides peak level indication.

While there are no adjustable parameters available in this plug-in, you can still change level meter ballistics and resize plug-in’s window.

  • 1/3 octave analog-style spectrum analyzer.
  • Stereo and mono analysis.
  • Peak level indication.
  • All sample rates support.
  • User interface window resizing.
  • Zero processing latency.

AnSpec è disponibile come download gratuito per Windows e Mac (VST/AU).

Loopmasters rilascia Patchworx 22 – Electro Massive Presets,

Loopmasters ha rilasciato Patchworx 22 – Electro Massive Presets, una collection di Electro Bass, FX, Synths, e Side Chained Pads creati da Dan Larson per Loopmasters.

This great patch collection for Massive will suit Electro, Tech and Progressive House Producers , and includes some awesome gritty distorted basses, Bit Crushed Mid Basses, Modulated and Side Chained Pads, Twisted Synth Leads, Glitched Out FX and Funky Synth Sequences.

The 64 Massive Electro Patches included in this pack are comprised of 21 Distorted Basses, 4 FX, 29 Electro Synths, plus 10 Side Chained Pads – and 66 MIDI Files.

Patchworx 22 Electro Massive Presets (richiede Native Instruments Massive 1.3+) è in vendita a £14.95 GBP.

Waves rilascia WLM Loudness Meter

Waves rilascia WLM Loudness Meter, un plug-in un "loudness metering" plug-in.

The Waves WLM Loudness Meter plugin provides precision loudness measurement and metering for broadcast, movie trailers, games, packaged media and more. Ideal for content creators and post production houses as well as cable head-end facilities, WLM is an affordable, all-in-one cross-platform, multi-format loudness metering software solution.

  • ITU, EBU and ATSC compliant.
  • Foreground, dialog, and average loudness measurements.
  • Momentary, Short Term, Long Term, and True Peak readouts.
  • Intelligent dialog sensor detects and measures speech.
  • Mono, stereo, and 5.1 components.

WLM Loudness Meter (Native) è in vendita a $299 USD.

mercoledì 11 gennaio 2012

XILS-lab rilascia Le Masque: Delay

Da XILS-lab arriva Le Masque: Delay, un rivoluzionario (così promettono) delay "timeline-driven" (controllabile tramite una timeline) per Windows and Mac, in collaborazione con Le Lotus Bleu (Laurent Bourgeon).

Available in 64- and 32-bit versions, Le Masque: Delay is a Mac (OS X 10.4 and later; Audio Unit, VST, RTAS — Pro Tools 7.0 and later) and PC (Windows XP, Vista, and 7; VST, RTAS — Pro Tools 7.0 and later) compatible, polymorphic timeline-driven delay effects plug-in; it can behave like a regular digital delay, and inherits XILS-lab’s renowned filtering and audio effects technology, featured in the cutting-edge company’s lengthening line of virtual analogue soft synth plug-ins — PolyKB II (based on the RSF Polykobol II, plus extras), XILS 3 (based on the EMS VCS3, plus extras), and Synthix (Elka Synthex, and extras), and draws upon an accumulated wealth of research and development experience to allow users to speedily and intuitively perform hitherto unheard of delay-based effects.

So how, exactly, does Le Masque: Delay work, then? In a nutshell, it lets users accurately specify the part(s) of the dry signal — based on their time position and/or frequency content — that will be processed by the delay itself (accessed from within the GRID view); its associated LFO, envelope, and filter components (via the LFO & ENVELOPE view); and various modulators (within the TIME & MOD view) — masked zones within the grid area are processed by the delay while any audio data outside those masked zones remains untouched, in other words!

discoDSP aggiorna Discovery Pro alla versione R5.6

discoDSP ha aggiornato Discovery Pro alla versione R5.6 per Mac.

Discovery Pro is a 12 oscillators Virtual Analog VSTi, Audio Units and RTAS Synthesizer featuring 4 layers, WAV and SoundFont (SF2) support, PADsynth resynthesis, 2X oversampling/undersampling, built-in arpeggiator, sync, FM, 12 filter types, panning modulation, stereo delay and gate effects, graphic envelope modulation. It also Imports and Exports Nord Lead 2 SysEx data.

Cambiamenti nella versione R5.6 per Mac
  • OS X 64-bit VST.
  • Data folder moved to Documents > discoDSP > Discovery Pro with categorized folders.
  • EDIT > Reset > Program and Layer read the settings from Documents > discoDSP > Discovery Pro > Presets > Default.fxp file now.
  • EDIT > File > Import WAVE automatically places WAV files at discoDSP > Discovery Pro > Waves > User.dwb EDIT > Reset > Program Undo will revert back to the original preset located on the current bank.
  • EDIT menu restyled to white text over black background.
  • Added Paste to All, A, B, C, D at Zone Preset drop down menu.
  • Enhanced Morph values. Tick values are show when synced to tempo.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Manual revision.

Tutti gli utenti Discovery Pro R5 possoono aggiornare il prodotto gratuitamente. L'aggiornamento dalla versione R4 o precedenti è disponibile al prezzo di 12 EUR per un periodo limitato.

Loopmasters rilascia Progressive House Structures

Loopmasters rilascia Progressive House Structures, una sample library by Dom Kane con una ricca collezione di suoni progressive house.

Progressive House Structures is a deep and varied collection of fresh and exciting samples which has been influenced by the Progressive and Mainroom sound of artists including Nicky Romero, Axwell, Avicii, Robbie Rivera and Michal Woods, and labels including Spinnin Records, Toolroom Records, Axtone Records, Fly Eye and Juicy Music.

Featuring Euphoric, chilled and Main Room Chords, Punchy Beats, Tech Percussion, Side Chained Pads, Pianos, Arpeggios and Big FX – this is a complete sound palette for the modern dance musician.

  • 750MB content, 270 loops at 128 bpm + 190 Single Shot Samples (24 bit quality).
  • Includes 50 Bass Loops, 50 Chord Loops, 100 Drum Loops, 18 Fx Loops, 50 Lead Loops, 42 Single Drum Samples, 147 Synth One shots.
  • 14 ready to play patches for Reaon NNXT, Halion, EXS, SFZ and Kontakt soft samplers.
  • Reason Refill, Ableton Live and Apple Loops versions are also available to purchase separately.

Progressive House Structures è in vendita a £19.95 GBP.

FXpansion rilascia la drum machine Tremor

FXpansion annuncia l'uscita di Tremor, una drum machine con una sintesi potente, effetti, modulation e step-sequencing.

DCAM circuit-modelled sound generation is fused with new ideas to produce original sounds with the punch and extreme sound pressure of old-school analogue.

Tremor’s dance drums, funky beatscapes, abstract machines and undiscovered sonic terrain are suited to all kinds of electronic, urban and experimental music.

  • Synthetic drum machine software.
  • DCAM-modelled synthesis and FX.
  • Specialised oscillator with drumskin vibration partials.
  • Filtering and drive with multiple responses.
  • Deep, intuitive TransMod modulation system.
  • Polyrhythmic pattern step-sequencer.
  • VST, AU, RTAS and standalone for Mac and Windows.

Tremor è in vendita a $149 USD / 119 EUR / £99 GBP (IVA INCL.).

Loopmasters rilascia Harley & Muscle Present The Sound Of Deep House, sample pack made in Italy

Loopmasters ha rilasciato Harley & Muscle Present The Sound Of Deep House, una selezione di samples Deep e Soulful House direttamente dagli studi degli italianissimi Harley and Muscle.

HARLEY & MUSCLE are two House Music artists living in Milan, northern Italy. From 1985, these guys began to hear the first real House Music of the early 80′s from Artists such as Farley “Jackmaster” Funk, Mr. Fingers, Tyree, all the DJ International label productions and the great house music coming out of Chicago, NYC and London.

Since then H&M have collaborated with singers such as Robert Owens, Gerideau, Dawn Tallmann, Duke Brown and Nicole Graham. They have remixed Artists including Gloria Gaynor, Loleatta Holloway, Jocelyn Brown, Alexander O’Neal, The Rurals, Spanka and Miguel Graca, just to name a few…

The collection is packed with all the essential Deep House ingredients you will need including lush Rhodes chords and multis, fine Deep House Drum loops and progressions, Lead sounds, Deep Bass Lines and a superb collection of string progressions which will fill any dance floor within minutes!

The Sound Of Deep House è in vendita a £29.95 GBP.

martedì 10 gennaio 2012

Plugin Alliance annuncia Big 4 Bundle

La nuovissima Plugin Alliance ha annunciato Big 4 Bundle, una collezione di plugins per Windows e Mac: 4 plugins da Brainworx, elysia, SPL & Vertigo in un unico bundle.

Il bundle include:
  • bx_XL M/S Mastering Limiter – The new Loud!
  • The bx_XL, Passeq and alpha Compressor all work in M/S modes optionally.
  • elysia alpha compressor – all discrete M/S Mastering Compressor.
  • SPL Passeq – 72 coil filters Monster EQ.
  • Vertigo VSC-2 – “The Merceds of VCA Compressors” (Vintage King USA).
The BIG 4 Bundle (AAX/AU/RTAS/TDM/Venue/VST) è in vendita al prezzo lancio di $777 USD, ossia con un 34% di sconto sul prezzo di listino. Da segnalare che il plug in bx_XL non esiste in formato TDM o VENUE.

discoDSP rilascia House Presets Vol. 2, soundset per Discovery Pro

discoDSP ha annunciato il rilascio di House Presets Vol. 2, un soundset per il synth virtuale Discovery Pro.

House Presets Vol.2 is a new bank for discoDSP Discovery Pro with 64 fresh new presets designed by Brazilian engineer Ronei Leite.

È possibile ascoltare una demo song qui

House Presets Vol. 2 bank è in vendita a 14.99 EUR / $19 USD. 

Zenhiser offre sconti con il suo January Sale

Zenhiser ha lanciato il January Sale, un'offerta a tempo limitato su tutti i suoi sample packs, con uno sconto del 20%.
Per usufruire dell'offerta è sufficiente inserire il codice: JAN1220Z.
L'offerta scade il 2 febbraio 2012.

It’s the beginning of a new year and as always we take this time to thank our customers with a January Offer, 20% off all sample packs. That’s right, for January only you get 20% off all samples, loops, sample packs, multi packs, studio essentials and everything you can find in the Zenhiser store.

Buon inizio 2012!

Prime Loops rilascia Electro House Syndicate

Da Prime Loops arriva Electro House Syndicate, una sample library per produzioni Electro House.

Prime Loops’ latest pack blends the edgy synth sounds of Electro with the hard-hitting, 4-to-the-floor drum loops of House, and is meant for one thing and one thing alone: hyping up your productions to melting point in order to conquer the main room crowd once and for all!

Features 350+ electrifying synth leads, fizzling chord progressions, basslines and driving drum loops at 128Bpm, ready to add some serious spark to your tracks!

Electro House Syndicate è in vendita a £14.95 GBP.

Ueberschall rilascia Free Elastik Soundbank, sample library gratuita

Ueberschall ha rilasciato Free Elastik Soundbank, una collezione di 400 MB disponibile come  download gratuito.

The “Free Elastik Soundbank” from eleven different Ueberschall Libraries. All produced with the authentic style in mind and of course with the genuine Ueberschall quality:

- 60s Psychedelic Rock
- Ambient Lines
- Bollywood Pop
- Crunk
- Deep House
- Dubstep
- Electro Pop
- Finest RnB
- Glam Rock
- Metal
-Urbanic 2

The whole material can be easily suite to your projects with the help of the Elastik 2 Sample Player. The sample player allows easy time-stretching and fasr & unique editing features. It also offers new ways of quick inspirations via the “random button”. One click and you can create complete new songs with the given sample material. And last but not least the Elastik plugin organizes and structures the whole Ueberschall material in a flexible browser with many filter options.

Free Elastik Soundbank 2011 è disponibile come download gratuito da Ueberschall.

Hy2rogen rilascia Tech House Beats Vol. 2

Hy2rogen ha rilasciato Tech House Beats Vol. 2 una nuova sample library by Sounds To Sample.

Another dancefloor smash from Hy2rogen jam-packed with infectious re-worked music loops, chunky kicks, techy nu-perc grooves, deep basslines, vocal glitch-outs across ten floor-ready folders.

Prolific producer Hy2rogen has racked up a string of releases on high-profile labels including Steve Angello’s Size, Defected and Ministry of Sound, and it’s this in-demand sound which is available direct to your DAW through his Hy2rogen sample label.

  • 129 24-bit Wav loops, 10 bumper kits boasting supercharged stripped loops of synths, mangled melodics, rumbling bass, glitched vox and jacked nu-perc grooves.
  • The drums are split into their constituent loops (kick, snare, clap, hats), and up to 5 stripped percussion loops per kit.
  • All kits are offered at tech-house standard 125bpm and key-labeled – making it easy to mix and match loops between kits to create 100s of new ideas.

Tech House Beats Vol 2. is available to purchase for 15.90 EUR.

FatLoud rilascia Dope Keyz Volume 2

FatLoud ha rilasciato Dope Keyz Vol 2, una collezione di loops prodotti dall'etichetta Dope Loops.

Containing over 140 loops of pianos, electric pianos, clavs, synths and more, ready to use in your Hip Hop, R&B, Pop or Dance productions. All loops available in Dope Keyz Volume 1 are tempo & Key labeled, mixed & mastered to the perfection and available in 5 formats compatible with 100% of todays hardware & software samplers or sequencers.

  • Over 140 loops of pianos, electric pianos, clavs, synths and more.
  • Key & tempo labeled.
  • 5 formats: 16 bit WAV (Acidized), 24 bit WAV (Acidized), REX, 24 bit Apple Loops (AIFF), Reason / Record ReFill.
  • 100% compatibility with all modern software & hardware samplers.
  • Completely royalty free material to use within your commercial compositions.

Dope Keyz Vol 2 è in vendita a 24.90 EUR.